As a therapist  training in CT, ask your teacher or supervisor:
- What is the highest degree he or she obtained? When, and where?

- What additional supervision, specialized training, or skills has he or she obtained?
When, and where?

- How did he or she become a Cognitive Therapist?

- Is he or she a member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy?

- What continuing education has the teacher or supervisor received in general, and in
cognitive therapy in particular? When and where?

- Is he or she a trained therapist? Where did he or she get trained as a therapist?
What about supervision - how long was it? How was it conducted? Who is the
supervision coordinator who certified and oversaw the supervision, and how can that
person be contacted?

- What other professional organizations is the teacher or supervisor a member of?

- Is the supervisor trained or otherwise qualified to provide supervision? Where and

- Where are the diplomas, certificates or other evidence of the teacher's or
supervisor's education, training, and continuing education programs?

- What is the goal of the training program? What may I consider myself qualified to do
on its completion? What is the goal of the series of training programs offered by the
teacher and supervisor? At some point will I be certified as a Cognitive Therapist? If
so, how? If not, what can I do on my own?
Don't forget:
- You are responsible for making your training a part of yourself and of your
professional skills and abilities. Don't rely solely on your formal instruction. Read,
research, listen to audiotapes or watch videotapes or CDs, attend workshops and
seminars outside of the country - especially in the US, if you can. Keep yourself - and
even your instructor and supervisor - honest regarding the fundamentals and latest
developments in the field of Cognitive Therapy.

- Make sure your teacher or supervisor provides responses to all of the questions listed above. If he or she is unable or unwilling to
answer these reasonable questions about his or her professional qualifications for teaching or supervising Cognitive Therapy - get
another teacher or supervisor.

- Make sure you are comfortable with the answers you receive. After all, many perfectly qualified Cognitive Therapists have simply
chosen not to obtain certification through the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Or, as is often the case in the field of psychiatry, they have
limited or no formal basis in training or education in the provision of therapy, but they have picked up this skill somehow by another
means. Just make sure, before you undertake a training or supervision program with anyone, that you get answers to any exceptional
situations like these, and that you are satisfied with those answers.
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How to choose a teacher or supervisor in
Cognitive Therapy
Beckian-approach, evidence based